Behold, the wonders of lincity are revealed!

These screenshots are taken from my 'production' city; the one I actually work on. I have never cheated in this game, besides maybe running it all night once or twice. The technology has seen levels as high as 530, but this is only feasible with intense planning. I don't think it is possible to exceed 600 (but I once thought that about tech ~250). I couldn't have done this with the old power distribution system.

The power district

This is the power generating part of town. Note the power stations connected directly to each other. You can't do this before 1.12pre47: the power lines would get congested (especially with ~520 tech generators!).

The power district is polluted

The same part of town with the new pollution overlay displayed. Bright red is in the 13000+ pollutants range. Anything more than 3000 is considered 'Death!'. Don't go here without your own self-contained air supply and air tight suit.

Recycling plants are hard to

This is what happens when you bulldoze all of the fire stations and hold 'f' for a while. This is the same city as the previous two. It doesn't look like recycling centers burn very well.

Lincity around the globe

Lincity has gone international! Here is the screenshot from Andrea Decorte's Italian version.

Italian screenshot 1

And here is Petr Ullmann's Czech version.

Czech screenshot 1 Czech screenshot 2

Still need to add the screenshot for French...